Escape of Cthulhu is a 2D Runner with infinite scroll, inspired by the mythology of HP Lovecraft with a look "handmade" in pencil, done in grayscale.

The main objective is to collect as many arcane symbols while dodging demons that have appeared because of the awakening of Cthulhu, and survive as long as possible.

Mr. Lovecraft had long been warning, almost his entire life. No one ignored him ... and now has happened.

He knew it, and went on to write and describe, perhaps to make it known, perhaps to warn us and we had time to avoid, or at least be prepared for disaster or simply did not care about humanity and wrote for pleasure.

Some spoke of Lovecraft as something artistic, and are dedicated to creating stupid board games, card games, computer games, costumes... and lots of stupid toys.

A few others, those that followed the words of Lovecraft, instead of taking them as warnings, put all their focus and vitality to achieve open all those doors from other dimensions that would bring chaos and destruction in the form of large demons and cruel gods.

Cults, sectarian fanatics, researchers... even in small circles, tend to move among the powerful with the intention of opening portals to unleash the interdimensional beasts.

Little did they know these fans is that one of these gods of destruction slept, hidden on our planet long before humans arrived, and the more drunk a group of drunks at a party, awaken the great Cthulhu in the most absurd way...

You can experience how it is to run a Great Old One and demonstrates how long you are able to endure the horror.
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